cvs commit: src/gnu/usr.bin/groff/tmac mdoc.local src/lib Makefile src/lib/libkiconv Makefile kiconv.3 quirks.c quirks.h xlat16_iconv.c xlat16_sysctl.c src/release/i386 fixit_crunch.conf src/release/ia64 boot_crunch.conf src/release/pc98 ...

R. Imura imura at
Sat Sep 27 00:30:28 PDT 2003

On Fri, Sep 26, 2003 at 01:26:25PM -0700, Max Khon wrote:
>   Log:
>   - Support for multibyte charsets in LIBICONV.
>   - CD9660_ICONV, NTFS_ICONV and MSDOSFS_ICONV kernel options
>   (with corresponding modules).
>   - kiconv(3) for loadable charset conversion tables support.
>   Submitted by:   Ryuichiro Imura <imura at>

Hi Max,

Thank you for your committing!
I think we have better bump version of, so that
ports can use it.
Maybe UPDATING too, because mount_*(8) must sync with kernel.


- R. Imura

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