cvs commit: src/etc/etc.sparc64 ttys

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Thu Sep 11 14:05:12 PDT 2003

In message <20030912063325.A1562 at>, Bruce Evans writes:

>Other uart(4) bugs in this area:
>- the cua* devices are named uart*.  I think ps(1), etc. strip off the
>  first 3 characters of device names, so uart0 becomes t0.

Yes, this is an ancient and bogus convention which will wreck havoc
in a number of surprising ports of broken.

>The initial state devices or equivalent functionalty are more important
>than the cua devices IMO.

If it is possible to set cua behaviour using stty (on the initial
state device) cua devices would be unnecessary and should probably
be avoided.

>Appart from this, all devices on device driver foo should be named
>foo<number>, and no driver names should be longer than "foo".

While 17576 device drivers would be enough for some time, I am not
sure we have the necessary mechanics to control or enforce them
being unique and I resist having to come up with a bogus TLA name
for a device in the cases where the vendor has already established
a perfectly good bogus name of a diffrent length for their device.

See for instance sys/dev/musycc

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