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Peter Wemm peter at
Wed Oct 22 22:20:03 PDT 2003

Murray Stokely wrote:
> murray      2003/10/22 21:17:46 PDT
>   FreeBSD src repository
>   Modified files:
>     .                    avail 
>   Log:
>   Lock tree for 30 minutes while creating the RELENG_4_9 branch.

Remind me again why we're still doing this?  This is awfully disruptive.
jkh started doing this years ago when it used to take hours and hours to do
the branch and colliding with a lock ruined his whole day.  The < 20
minutes that it takes now isn't that big a deal.

If you want to get a snapshot of a known good tree, then do it from a checked
out tree.  ie: some variation of this:
cd src
cvs -q up -dP -r RELENG_4
cvs -q up -r RELENG_4  (check that nothing changed, faster without -dP)
(optional buildworld, release etc tests)
cvs tag RELENG_4_9_BP  (using the known good checkout)
cvs tag -b -r RELENG_4_9_BP RELENG_4_9

You can do this over a day or so.  And, you have the flexibility to do a
last second 'cvs update' on specific files to pull in a commit that you
want, without getting anything else.  'make release' can copy your tree
rather than checking out from cvs.

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