cvs commit: src/sys/dev/streams streams.csrc/sys/kernkern_descrip.csrc/sys/opencrypto cryptodev.c

Scott Long scottl at
Mon Oct 20 08:56:20 PDT 2003

On Mon, 20 Oct 2003, David Malone wrote:
> > > This reminds me that we still hold Giant around pipe(2) because it isn't
> > > declared MPSAFE in the syscall table.  Is this still necessary?
> > I've been suspicious of this too, and I was hoping that you would have
> > an answer.  Can we go ahead and correct this?
> I think we may need to check the calling of pipeclose() in pipe(),
> but as this is only done in an error case, it is probably safe enough
> to just grab Giant for that. (The mac_* calls may need to be checked
> too).

pipeclose() seems to have some concept of locking, though I don't know
what the implications are of it saying, 'gee, the mutex on this pipe was
never initialized, so I just won't worry about locking.'  Towards the
end of pipeclose() Giant is acquired, though that action is likely no
longer needed either.

Just for fun I'll modify this today and do some stress tests.  Having
pipes free of Giant for 5.2 would be nice.


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