cvs commit: src/contrib/gcc/config freebsd-spec.h

Scott Long scottl at
Sun Aug 31 19:58:37 PDT 2003

Daniel Eischen wrote:
> On Sun, 31 Aug 2003, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
>>On Sun, 2003-08-31 at 22:05, Scott Long wrote:
>>>Daniel Eischen wrote:
>>>>deischen    2003/08/31 15:38:52 PDT
>>>>  FreeBSD src repository
>>>>  Modified files:
>>>>    contrib/gcc/config   freebsd-spec.h 
>>>>  Log:
>>>>  Remove -pthread as a compiler option.  It was deprecated 2.5 years
>>>>  ago, but not removed.
>>>>  No reply from:  threads, kan, obrien
>>>>  Revision  Changes    Path
>>>>  1.10      +2 -38     src/contrib/gcc/config/freebsd-spec.h
>>>What is the consequence of this on ports/?  I'm very much in
>>>favor of this change, but I'm wondering if more safety belts are
>>>needed.  Also, are there any consequences on the doc/ and www/
> I don't know, but it hasn't been -pthread in current in over
> 2.5 years.  Yes, -pthread was there as a bandaid, but it wasn't
> _the_ way to build threaded applications under -current.  So,
> -pthread _was_ the safety belt.
>>I have a feeling we will see an increase of port build errors on
>>-CURRENT.  This may not be a bad thing, though.  It will show us which
>>ports are not using ${PTHREAD_LIBS} correctly.
> I agree.  This is only the first step, though.  Once ports
> get through this, there may be another hurdle once libkse
> becomes libpthread again.  Autoconf may autodetect the presence
> of a libpthread and link to it, in conjunction with linking
> to ${PTHREAD_LIBS} being picked up somewhere else in the
> port.  Just try building XFree86-4 or kde with libpthread
> (libkse installed as libpthread) and ${PTHREAD_LIBS} set
> to libc_r.  It links to both libraries.

This opens up very important questions.  How do we smoothly make
the transition?  What is the appropriate threading library for each
platform?  Should 'libpthread' be a symlink, or should a library be
renamed?  How do we answer these last two questions in a consistent
fashion?  Where does libmap fit in?


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