cvs commit: src/sys/conf majors

Marcel Moolenaar marcel at
Thu Aug 28 09:05:10 PDT 2003

On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 03:24:07PM +0200, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> >> >
> >> >Do you have any sample of console drivers converted to use MAJOR_AUTO?
> >> 
> >> I don't really think that it matters that it is a console driver,
> >> why should it ?
> >
> >We call makedev() in cnprobe and we cannot call make_dev() before
> >SI_SUB_DRIVERS. This is my understanding why we have not converted
> >any console driver to use MAJOR_AUTO.
> Ohh, right, _that_ hack.
> Yes, in that case you need a static Major.

uart(4) in Perforce uses auto-assigned major numbers and is a
console device. The trick is to not call makedev() in cnprobe(),
but after make_dev() has been called. We don't actually use
the device number until we start init(8).

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