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Fri Aug 22 11:12:06 PDT 2003

In message <20030822180618.GA23295 at Odin.AC.HMC.Edu>, Brooks Davis writes:
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>On Fri, Aug 22, 2003 at 07:44:51PM +0200, Dag-Erling Sm=F8rgrav wrote:
>> Paul Saab <ps at> writes:
>> > This was done with a 12 port 3ware with 12x250gig (really 232.88GB)
>> > disks all in 3U.
>> Pervert :)
>It could be worse, you can cram that into a 2U. :-)  For that matter,
>you can use 300GB disks.  3.6TB/U is cool.

I don't belive that is at all cool.

At least not until you send me such a box :-)

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