cvs commit: src/sys/dev/advansys adv_pci.c adw_pci.c src/sys/dev/aic aic.c src/sys/dev/aic7xxx aic79xx_osm.h aic7xxx_osm.h src/sys/dev/amd amd.c src/sys/dev/amr amr.c amr_pci.c src/sys/dev/an if_an_pci.c src/sys/dev/ar if_ar_pci.c ...

M. Warner Losh imp at
Thu Aug 21 22:57:51 PDT 2003

In message: <200308220551.h7M5pRMm067264 at>
            Warner Losh <imp at> writes:
:   Prefer new location of pci include files (which have only been in the
:   tree for two or more years now), except in a few places where there's
:   code to be compatible with older versions of FreeBSD.

I'm committing these a little at a time, mostly due to my link sucking
at larget chunks :-(

:   1.20      +0 -0      src/sys/dev/aic/aic.c

I tried to get rid of all of these before the commit, but the new
split-repo is causing me some greif.


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