Storesonline, Plan for an ecommerce Website.

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Wed Aug 13 10:43:11 UTC 2008

*Storesonline, Plan for an ecommerce Website.*

Getting set up to create your own internet business selling products online
can seem like an overwhelming project, but it actually just involves
following a proven process mixed in with some creative ingenuity and the
discipline to see the project through as well as using the services of *
Storesonline*. All of this starts with creating a plan of action and then

First you need to figure out what you want to sell. To verify your options,
you have to do some research to see if there is a demand for this product or
service and whether it is currently being sold successfully online.

Check your local discount stores and large online chains like Amazon to see
if they already sell this product or ask *Storesonline*. Unless your product
has some unique or valuable feature to distinguish it from others, your
customers are going to go to big discount stores, or buy online from a large

After this research is complete, if you are still excited about the
opportunity of online business, you will next need to establish your
business (choosing your business 'type' - sole proprietorship, partnership,
limited liability partnership, corporation, etc.). *Storesonline* will be
there through the whole process with you. You will need to choose a business
type that gives you the best tax benefit, and the most protection against
liability (if your product or service may expose you to legal action).

You will get a Tax ID number when you set up your business. This number
allows you to collect state sales tax and establishes your ability to buy
products wholesale so you can re-sell these products on your web site.

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