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Sunpoet Po-Chuan Hsieh sunpoet at
Wed Apr 25 18:13:59 UTC 2012

sunpoet     2012-04-25 18:13:59 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    devel                Makefile 
  Added files:
    devel/p5-MooseX-App  Makefile distinfo pkg-descr pkg-plist 
  - Add p5-MooseX-App 1.02
  MooseX-App is a highly customizeable helper to write user-friendly command-line
  applications without having to worry about most of the annoying things usually
  involved. Just take any existing Moose class, add a single line (use MooseX-App
  qw(PluginA PluginB ...)) and create one class for each command in an underlying
  MooseX-App will then take care of
  - Finding, loading and initializing the command classes
  - Creating automated doucumentation
  - Reading and validating the command line options entered by the user
  Read the Tutorial[1] for getting started with a simple MooseX::App command line
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.4934    +1 -0      ports/devel/Makefile
  1.1       +49 -0     ports/devel/p5-MooseX-App/Makefile (new)
  1.1       +2 -0      ports/devel/p5-MooseX-App/distinfo (new)
  1.1       +17 -0     ports/devel/p5-MooseX-App/pkg-descr (new)
  1.1       +34 -0     ports/devel/p5-MooseX-App/pkg-plist (new)

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