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Marcelo Araujo araujobsdport at
Tue Apr 10 14:20:59 UTC 2012

2012/4/10 Pietro Cerutti <gahr at>
> I might agree on that. But how is a DEPRECATED port better than a BROKEN
> one in this regard?
In my point of view, no make sense have a bunch of ports that actually
doesn't works or because there is a fetch problem or even it is set as
BROKEN. Who never was upset when need and find a port but it is BROKEN for
some reason, In my view, have a port BROKEN or haven't it, is the same. Of
course, I mean when a port is BROKEN for all plataforms as well as for all
FreeBSD version.

I believe set it as DEPRECATED is a good way to make the maintainer take
attention to fix it soon as possible, due he has put effort to insert this
software on the ports tree in the past.

In case that has any issue related with the ports framework that make the
ports be broken, he can ping any developer to give him more time to fix or
even rollback the DEPRECATED commit with a proper message on the commit's

It also will let us know, what's happen with that port and maybe someone
else could give a hand to help the maintainer to fix it.

Best Regards,
Marcelo Araujo
araujo at

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