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Frederic Culot culot at
Tue Apr 10 11:45:46 UTC 2012

> I have strong opinions against this, at least for ports with an active
> maintainer. I really see these deprecation campaigns as treading on
> somebody's toes.
> I really like linimon's periodic emails "FreeBSD ports that you maintain
> which are currently marked broken", which I see as a reminder that there
> are ports of mine that require action, but going further than that and
> deprecate a port that I maintain without even informing me in an
> official way is not what I consider collaboration.
> Even more so because I don't see any advantage in moving a port from
> BROKEN to DEPRECATED state. If a user has a working version of the port
> installed, he will stick to that, otherwise, installation will be frown
> upon anyway.
> I and bapt have already exchanged opinions on this subject more than
> once, and I would now like to see what other people (other maintainers
> in particular) think about it.
> Can we please stop this?
> -- 
> Pietro Cerutti
> The FreeBSD Project
> gahr at
> PGP Public Key:

As you inquire people's opinion, I would say that I find this way of proceeding
a bit pushy and I consider it a good example of closed communication as I find

- non-caring: such a commit is a detached and impersonal way to give the
  information to a maintainer that has not unbroken his port for a long time

- dogmatic: it looks like an unwillingness to accept the maintainer's point of
  view or at least to hear about his work on maintaining the port

- superior: deprecating without prior communication with the maintainer stresses
  differences in status between portmgr/committer and maintainers

Hence I am not surprised when you say you feel someone is treading on your toes,
and more generally I fear this does not do any good to maintainer's motivation
and commitment to the project.

On the other hand I also believe those deprecation actions are necessary and I
thank bapt for his work on this.

To conciliate such a necessary action without hurting the feelings of those
maintainers who despite their work could not update the state of their port in a
timely manner, maybe it would be good to be more verbose in the log of such
commits. Inspired by linimon's emails, something like the following could be

"As part of an ongoing effort to reduce the number of problems in the FreeBSD
ports system, we periodically schedule removal of ports that have been marked as
broken for a period of at least six months. As a maintainer of one of those
ports, feel free to remove the deprecate status if you need more time to fix the
breakage and do not hesitate to contact portmgr@ if you need additional
information on this policy."

I hope this brings something to the discussion.

Frederic Culot
culot at
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