cvs commit: ports/textproc/bibtex2html/files

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at
Sun Apr 8 13:54:30 UTC 2012

On Mon, 4 Apr 2011, Stanislav Sedov wrote:
>> Is this something should go upstream, to?  I've been in contact with
>> the authors on and off, and could make them aware.
> Yeah, if you have a contact with them, please, send a patch.
> I'll really appreciate this.

bibtex2html 1.97, also in textproc/bibtex2html now, resolves both
issues we had to patch around locally.  No more FreeBSD-specific
patches. ;-)

(In general, I agree, we should strive to get as much addressed
upstream as possible.  Room of improvement there in the Ports


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