cvs commit: ports/devel/boost Makefile distinfo pkg-plist ports/devel/boost/files FBSD4-patch-libs_serialization_src_stl_port.cpp patch-boost_detail_atomic_count_gcc.hpp patch-boost_regex_pending_object_cache.hpp patch-boost_regex_v4_cpp_regex_traits.hpp patch-boost_regex_v4_w32_regex_traits.hpp patch-libs_regex_build_Jamfile.v2 patch-tools::build::v1::boost-base.jam patch-tools::build::v1::gcc-stlport-tools.jam ...

Simon Barner barner at
Wed Jul 4 16:45:39 UTC 2007

Simon Barner wrote:
>   Obtained from:
>                   via pav
Actually, this should have read: via mezz.

Best regards / Viele Grüße,                             barner at
 Simon Barner                                                barner at
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