patches for gdb-6.6 (Re: cvs commit: ports/devel/gdb6 ...)

Mikhail Teterin mi+kde at
Mon Jul 2 02:47:39 UTC 2007

On неділя 01 липень 2007, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
= >>   Update the stale port from a 3 year-old snapshot to the most recent
= >>   release 6.6 based on own work and that of the PR's submitter.
= > Cool, thanks!
= Cool stuff, indeed!  How much of this has been or will be submitted to
= upstream GDB?  It would be nice for the next release of GDB to work on
= FreeBSD out of the box without any extra patches.

There are only two patches left now -- David did a good job communicating our 
needs to the gdb maintainers and NONE of the old patches seem needed. 

Although I have not tried to debug kernel core dumps yet, there is at least 
one piece of assembly (inside mplayer), where the stock gdb crashes, but the 
new gdb-6.6 works properly.

The two new patches are:

	. patch-unified -- this makes it possible to install _the same_ executable
	  under three different names (gdb, gdbtui, insight), instead of installing
	  three different large binaries, which differ only in the 10-line main()

	. itcl33-patch -- this provides the changes neccessary for insight to work
	  with [incr tcl] (and [incr tk]) installed by the corresponding ports,
	  instead of using the obsolete versions bundled with Insight.

Both patches were sent upstream.

The first was rejected: "what if a user symlinks an executable to a totally 
different name? It is a GNU policy to not rely on the executable's name"... 
Not sure, how this "policy" reconciles with the behavior of the most famous 
piece of GNU software -- gzip/gunzip/gzcat/zcat -- but this was the answer I 

The other patch's fate is still pending -- so far, I could not even convince 
the Insight maintainers to stop bundling the entire gdb, itcl, itk, and 
iwidgets inside insight tarball (notice, that the port downloads the GUI bits 
from my own site). But, maybe, some day they'll switch to the more recent 
(only 5 years old) version of [incr tcl] and my patch will be useful to 


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