cvs commit: www/en/releng dst_info.sgml index.sgml

Hiroki Sato hrs at
Thu May 3 10:50:43 UTC 2012

Eitan Adler <eadler at> wrote
  in <CAF6rxgmdQFLfqYVSpULAkEmjC8Go_pRUOnxpvnV7VZaCttSVfw at>:

ea> On 29 April 2012 17:49, Hiroki Sato <hrs at> wrote:
ea> >  Please revert this.  The dst_info.html is historical but referred by a
ea> >  news item in 2007.
ea> The delete, or also the link removal?

 File deletion.  If we have a link somewhere to the document, we
 should not remove it even if it is old.

ea> > Also, please contact re@ first before changing
ea> >  contents under releng/.
ea> I'm sorry. I was not aware that re@ maintained this part of the website.

 re@ does not lock the files and any suggestions are welcome, but re@
 is responsible to maintain them naturally.

-- Hiroki
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