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Ken Smith kensmith at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Mon Aug 25 19:50:18 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-08-25 at 21:42 +0400, Roman Kurakin wrote:
> By the way, what our plans about release media?

Still not finalized.  Depends on how much time I/others can put into it
between now and (lets say) RC1.

> IIRC ru@ had plans to add DVD target. As a temporary solution there is a 
> script that
> merges CD-volumes in to a single DVD volume (written by me). If we still 
> have plans
> to release CD's IMHO it is definitely should be among the tools on CD.

The DVD target thing would go a long way towards having a DVD possible.
I don't mind the thought of needing to do some manual fiddling to put
together the packages for the DVD (e.g. for the purposes of building the
package set for the DVD manually editing
src/release/scripts/ for the short-term) but I'm less
enthusiastic about needing to do manual fiddling to piece together the
rest of the DVD image.

> Also I have made some patches but didn't test them fully yet that 
> provides an ability
> to setup packages from CD set without requirements of DJ skills. Is 
> there interest in
> them?

I wouldn't mind looking them over.

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