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2008/8/25 Cheng-Lung Sung <clsung at>:
> On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 04:24:14PM +0900, Hiroki Sato wrote:
>> Gabor PALI <pgj at> wrote in <48A75F24.10404 at>:
>> pg> Taiwan        --> Republic of China ?
>>  This is a politically-sensitive issue.  Recently "Chinese Taipei" is
>>  often used compared to Taiwan and R.O.C., and Ma Ying-jeou (the
>>  president) says "Chinese Taipei" is the appropriate name for
>>  international affairs in an interview about Taiwan's pursuing an
>>  observer position in WHO.
>>  Any ideas from people in Taiwan?
>    Yes,
>    Taiwan -> Taiwan
>    Although 'Republic of China' also shows on my passport, but we wouldn't
>    mind leaving the 'Taiwan' standing for us.
>    I voted for President Ma. But that does not mean what he says is
>    abosultely right. That's the progress of democracy.
>    Since here is neither WHO nor WTO, and obviously we commiters in Taiwan
>    contributed lots to the FreeBSD project.
>    Please. Thank you for respecting our culture :)
>    And thanks god
>    said so.

"Chinese Taipei" is definitely NOT the appropriate name for
international affairs, it's just a ridiculous alternative when we are
not be able to use "Taiwan".
In this case, simply Taiwan is the best name.

Please. Thank you for respecting our culture :)

Yen-Ming Lee <leeym at>

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