cvs commit: src/sys/dev/bfe if_bfe.c if_bfereg.h

Sam Leffler sam at
Fri Aug 22 16:22:14 UTC 2008

Pyun YongHyeon wrote:
> yongari     2008-08-22 06:46:55 UTC
>   FreeBSD src repository
>   Modified files:
>     sys/dev/bfe          if_bfe.c if_bfereg.h 
>   Log:
>   SVN rev 181994 on 2008-08-22 06:46:55Z by yongari
>   Add a new sysctl node 'dev.bfe.N.stats' that shows various MAC
>   counters for Rx/Tx statistics. Various counters in ifnet is also
>   updated with these hardware counters.
Can we not add stuff like that spews output to the console?  I much 
prefer to see a tool that dumps the stats and if you need to get to them 
w/o the tool then consider adding a ddb cmd.  We're just about to get 
the ability to add ddb cmds in loadable modules which was the only 
reason not to leverage ddb for stuff like this.

I see this done in several drivers and hate it.  I'd like to see this 
approach not be copied in the future.


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