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pa> Hiroki Sato pí¹e v pá 22. 08. 2008 v 16:24 +0900:
pa> > pg> Hungary       --> Republic of Hungary ?
pa> > 
pa> >  I think these three are reasonable.
pa> This is a first time I hear being it references as Republic of Hungary.
pa> I think everybody in the world uses just Hungary so let's keep it that
pa> way.

 Yes, using the long official names in everywhere would be overdoing,
 but for the changes in FAQ, I think we have to use more precise name
 of the country (or territory).  Although I do not stick to a
 particular name and maybe I have wrong idea about some names, what we
 use should be consistent and I just thought using the official name
 is reasonable...  Do we need a list of consistent short form and the
 official name, maybe?  Most of newspapers and publishers have such a
 writing rule.

| Hiroki SATO
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