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>pg> Hiroki Sato wrote:
>pg> >  When you add a country name next to a language name, please use the
>pg> >  official one.  US is not the official name, and Taiwan is not a
>pg> >  country name from our point of view, for example.
>pg> Thank you for your comments.  Could you (or somebody) tell me what
>pg> (naming scheme) to use instead of them?  E.g.:
>pg> United States --> United States of America  ?
>pg> China         --> People's Republic of China ?
>pg> Hungary       --> Republic of Hungary ?

CIA World Factbook and Wikipedia agree on these.

>pg> Taiwan        --> Republic of China ?
> This is a politically-sensitive issue.

Agreed.  UN website appears to ignore its existence.  CIA just gives
"Taiwan".  Wikipedia gives Republic of China.  PRC uses "Chinese Taipei".

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