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Sat Aug 9 17:19:57 UTC 2008

On Sat, 09 Aug 2008 11:52:28 -0500, Martin Wilke <miwi at> wrote:

> miwi        2008-08-09 16:52:28 UTC
>   FreeBSD ports repository
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>   Log:
>   The KDE FreeBSD team is proud to announce the release of KDE 4.1.0
>   for FreeBSD. The official KDE 4.1.0 release notes can be found at
>  Some note:
>  * Prefix
>   KDE4 will be install into a custom prefixes namely ${LOCALBASE}/kde4.
>   KDE4 and KDE3 can co-exist

Wow... I feel your pain. I can't believe that KDE developers don't make  
KDE4 parallel with KDE3. It's crazy. Beside of that, great job with KDE4  
stuff. We need to keep all desktops alive in FreeBSD.

>  * Sound
>   For sound to work, it is necessary to have dbus and hal enabled
>   in your system. Please see the respective documentation on how
>   to enable these.

I have no object if you want to add kde_enable="YES" dbus/hal like we  
already have for gnome_enable. Make it easier for KDE users.


>  For more Informations see the HEADS UP at ports@ and kde-freebsd@
>   or our wiki page
>  Have fun!

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