Future of CTM

Montgomery-Smith, Stephen stephen at missouri.edu
Sat Sep 5 19:44:43 UTC 2015

So if the FreeBSD project decides to stop hosting CTM, we will probably
still be in good shape, except for those who want to receive CTM by
email rather than ftp.

What we have:
* A computer generating CTM deltas.  (That's me.)
* Internet hosts for deltas:
  http://web.missouri.edu/~stephen/CTM/ (doesn't include xEmpty files)

What is needed:
* A stand alone port for ctm.  I can probably do this fairly quickly.
* A Mail server.

What would be desirable:
* Better security in CTM.  I could do pieces of this, but I would prefer
someone else to pick up the slack.  However, if we become separate from
the FreeBSD project, then this is our concern, and if we are willing to
live with lax security, so be it.
* A web page explaining CTM.  (But I doubt CTM will attract newcomers.)

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