Future of CTM

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Fri Sep 4 00:06:32 UTC 2015

> >> ftp://ctm.berklix.org/pub/FreeBSD/CTM/
> > I have done
> > 	 ln -s ../CTM /pub/FreeBSD/development/CTM
> > Could you please amend your sync path, then I'll
> > 	cd /pub/FreeBSD/development; rm CTM ; mv ../CTM CTM
> It is done.

Thanks. Done too & updated http://ctm.berklix.org

I don't see a delta builders toolkit archive in there ?
Would it be possible to include one please ?
- In case something happens to your or your server some day,
- Cos it'll help to be able to try experimenting with improvements 
  eg in line signing as suggested by Peter.
If a toolkit is somewhere under /pub/FreeBSD/development/CTM
perhaps adjacent to eg /pub/FreeBSD/development/CTM/svn-cur/patch-for*
then you'll need no new permissions/ directories, & it would also mirror
to other ftp mirrors.

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