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List Description
ctm-announce CTM Announcements [moderated]
ctm-users CTM User discussions
cvs-all **OBSOLETE** CVS commit messages for the entire tree
cvs-doc **OBSOLETE** CVS commit messages for the doc and www trees
cvs-ports **OBSOLETE** CVS commit messages for the ports tree
cvs-projects **OBSOLETE** CVS commit messages for the projects tree
cvs-src **OBSOLETE** CVS commit messages for the src tree
dev-ci Continuous Integration Build and Test Results
dev-reviews Review System Updates
freebsd-acpi ACPI and power management development
freebsd-advocacy FreeBSD Evangelism
freebsd-afs The Andrew File System and FreeBSD
freebsd-amd64 Porting FreeBSD to the AMD64 platform
freebsd-announce Project Announcements [moderated]
freebsd-apache Support of apache-related ports
freebsd-arch Discussion related to FreeBSD architecture
freebsd-arm Porting FreeBSD to ARM processors.
freebsd-atm ATM for FreeBSD!
freebsd-bluetooth Using Bluetooth in FreeBSD environments
freebsd-bugbusters Coordination of the Problem Report handling effort.
freebsd-bugs Bug reports
freebsd-chat Non technical items related to the community
freebsd-chromium FreeBSD-specific Chromium issues
freebsd-cloud FreeBSD on cloud platforms (EC2, GCE, Azure, etc.)
freebsd-cluster Clustering FreeBSD
freebsd-course educational course on FreeBSD
freebsd-current Discussions about the use of FreeBSD-current
freebsd-database Database use and development under FreeBSD
freebsd-desktop Using and improving FreeBSD on the desktop
freebsd-doc Documentation project
freebsd-drivers Writing device drivers for FreeBSD
freebsd-dtrace A discussion list for developers working on DTrace in FreeBSD.
freebsd-eclipse FreeBSD users of eclipse EDI, tools, rich client apps & ports.
freebsd-elastic Support of ElasticSearch-related ports
freebsd-embedded Dedicated and Embedded Systems
freebsd-emulation Development of Emulators of other operating systems
freebsd-enlightenment Enlightenment for FreeBSD -- porting and maintaining
freebsd-eol Peer support for software no longer supported by the FreeBSD project
freebsd-erlang Support of Erlang-related ports
freebsd-fcp FreeBSD Community Proposals List
freebsd-fcp-editors In-progress FreeBSD Community Proposals
freebsd-firewire Firewire support in FreeBSD
freebsd-fortran Fortran on FreeBSD
freebsd-fs Filesystems
freebsd-games Support for Games on FreeBSD
freebsd-gecko Gecko Rendering Engine issues
freebsd-geom GEOM-specific discussions and implementations
freebsd-git Discussion of git use in the FreeBSD project
freebsd-gnome GNOME for FreeBSD -- porting and maintaining
freebsd-hackers Technical Discussions relating to FreeBSD
freebsd-hardware General discussion of FreeBSD hardware
freebsd-haskell FreeBSD-specific Haskell issues and discussions
freebsd-hpc FreeBSD in High Performance Computing environments.
freebsd-hubs FreeBSD Distributions Hubs: mail sup ftp
freebsd-i18n FreeBSD Internationalization Effort
freebsd-i386 I386-specific issues for FreeBSD
freebsd-ia32 FreeBSD on the IA-32 platform
freebsd-ia64 Porting FreeBSD to the IA-64
freebsd-infiniband Infiniband on FreeBSD
freebsd-ipfw IPFW Technical Discussions
freebsd-isdn Using ISDN with FreeBSD
freebsd-isp Internet Services Providers
freebsd-jail Discussion about FreeBSD jail(8)
freebsd-java Porting Java to FreeBSD
freebsd-jobs Jobs offered and sought
freebsd-lfs LFS development
freebsd-mips Porting FreeBSD to MIPS
freebsd-mobile Mobile computing with FreeBSD
freebsd-mono Mono and C# applications on FreeBSD
freebsd-multimedia Multimedia discussions
freebsd-net Networking and TCP/IP with FreeBSD
freebsd-new-bus FreeBSD's new-bus architecture
freebsd-numerics Discussions of high quality implementation of libm functions.
freebsd-ocaml FreeBSD-specific OCaml discussions
freebsd-office Office applications on FreeBSD
freebsd-openoffice Porting OpenOffice to FreeBSD
freebsd-ops-announce Project Infrastructure Announcements [moderated]
freebsd-performance Performance/tuning
freebsd-perl maintainer of a number of perl-related ports
freebsd-pf Technical discussion and general questions about packet filter (pf)
freebsd-pkg Binary package management and package tools discussion
freebsd-pkg-fallout Fallout logs from package building
freebsd-pkgbase Packaging the FreeBSD base system.
freebsd-platforms Porting to Non-Intel platforms
freebsd-policy FreeBSD Policy statements [restricted posting]
freebsd-ports Porting software to FreeBSD
freebsd-ports-announce Important news and instructions about the FreeBSD "ports collection" [moderated]
freebsd-ports-bugs Ports bug reports
freebsd-ppc Porting FreeBSD to the PowerPC
freebsd-proliant Technical discussion of FreeBSD on HP ProLiant server platforms.
freebsd-python FreeBSD-specific Python issues
freebsd-questions User questions
freebsd-rc Discussion related to /etc/rc.d design and implementation.
freebsd-realtime Realtime extensions per POSIX 1003.4
freebsd-reproducibility Discussions regarding FreeBSD reproducible builds
freebsd-riscv FreeBSD on the RISC-V instruction set architecture
freebsd-ruby FreeBSD-specific Ruby discussions
freebsd-scsi SCSI subsystem
freebsd-security Security issues [members-only posting]
freebsd-security-notifications Moderated Security Notifications [moderated, low volume]
freebsd-small Dedicated and Embedded Systems
freebsd-snapshots FreeBSD Development Snapshot Announcements
freebsd-sparc64 Porting FreeBSD to the Sparc
freebsd-stable Production branch of FreeBSD source code
freebsd-standards Standards compliance
freebsd-sysinstall Sysinstall Work
freebsd-tcltk FreeBSD-specific Tcl/Tk discussions
freebsd-teaching Discussions regarding teaching with FreeBSD
freebsd-test Test posting area
freebsd-testing Testing on FreeBSD
freebsd-tex Porting TeX and related applications to FreeBSD
freebsd-threads Threading on FreeBSD
freebsd-tilera List for porting FreeBSD to the Tilera family of CPUs
freebsd-tinderbox Tinderbox reports, responses, and meta-comments
freebsd-tokenring Support Token Ring in FreeBSD
freebsd-toolchain Maintenance of FreeBSD's integrated toolchain
freebsd-translators Translators
freebsd-transport Discussions of transport level network protocols in FreeBSD
freebsd-uboot Discussions about the use of uboot with FreeBSD
freebsd-usb FreeBSD support for USB
freebsd-user-groups User Group Coordination List
freebsd-users-jp Discussion relevant to FreeBSD communities in Japan
freebsd-virtualization Discussion of various virtualization techniques FreeBSD supports.
freebsd-vuxml Documenting security issues in VuXML
freebsd-wip-status FreeBSD Work-In-Progress Status
freebsd-wireless Discussions of 802.11 stack, tools device driver development.
freebsd-women FreeBSD advocacy for women
freebsd-www **OBSOLETE** FreeBSD Project Webmasters
freebsd-x11 X11 on FreeBSD -- maintaining and support
freebsd-xen Discussion of the freebsd port to xen - implementation and usage
freebsd-xfce XFCE for FreeBSD -- porting and maintaining
freebsd-zope Zope for FreeBSD -- porting and maintaining
netperf-users Announcements and discussions related to the netperf cluster.
p4-projects p4 projects tree changes
p4-releng p4 releng tree changes
posix1e POSIX.1e Discussion List
soc-status Summer of Code Status Reports and Discussion
svn-doc-all SVN commit messages for the entire doc trees (except for "user", "projects", and "translations")
svn-doc-head SVN commit messages for the doc tree for head
svn-doc-projects SVN commit messages for doc projects trees
svn-doc-svnadmin SVN commit messages for svnadmin of the doc trees
svn-doc-translations SVN commit messages for doc translations trees
svn-doc-user SVN commit messages for doc experimental trees
svn-ports-all SVN commit messages for the ports tree
svn-ports-branches SVN commit messages for all the branches of the ports tree
svn-ports-head SVN commit messages for the ports tree for head
svn-ports-projects SVN commit messages for the ports "projects" tree
svn-ports-svnadmin SVN commit messages for svnadmin of the ports tree
svn-ports-tags SVN commit messages for all the tags of the ports tree
svn-soc-all SVN commit messages for the entire Summer of Code repository
svn-src-all SVN commit messages for the entire src tree (except for "user" and "projects")
svn-src-head SVN commit messages for the src tree for head/-current
svn-src-projects SVN commit messages for the src "projects" tree
svn-src-release SVN commit messages for releases in the src tree
svn-src-releng SVN commit messages for the release engineering / security commits to the src tree
svn-src-stable SVN commit messages for all the -stable branches of the src tree
svn-src-stable-10 SVN commit messages for only the 10-stable src tree
svn-src-stable-11 SVN commit messages for only the 11-stable src tree
svn-src-stable-12 SVN commit messages for only the 12-stable src tree
svn-src-stable-6 SVN commit messages for only the 6-stable src tree
svn-src-stable-7 SVN commit messages for only the 7-stable src tree
svn-src-stable-8 SVN commit messages for only the 8-stable src tree
svn-src-stable-9 SVN commit messages for only the 9-stable src tree
svn-src-stable-other SVN commit messages for the old stable src trees
svn-src-svnadmin SVN commit messages for the admin / configuration tree
svn-src-user SVN commit messages for the experimental "user" src tree
svn-src-vendor SVN commit messages for the vendor work area tree
trustedbsd-announce TrustedBSD Project Announcements
trustedbsd-audit TrustedBSD Audit Discussion List
trustedbsd-cvs TrustedBSD CVS and Perforce commit message list
trustedbsd-discuss TrustedBSD General Discussion List

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