Changes in drm ports

From: Emmanuel Vadot <>
Date: Sun, 01 May 2022 18:04:13 UTC
 Hello all,

 I've reworked the drm ports and the gpu-firmware ports, here is what
changed :

 - For CURRENT users there is no more drm-current-kmod or
drm-devel-kmod but two new ports drm-54-kmod and drm-510-kmod which
tracks drm from Linux 5.4 and 5.10 respectively. If you used the
metaport nothing will change for you, the new pkg will be installed
 - For 13.0 users nothing changed.
 - For (futur) 13.1 users the default drm kmod port will still be
drm-fbsd13-kmod (tracking Linux 5.4) as long as 13.0 is supported. But
you also have the option to install directly drm-510-kmod in case you
hardware isn't supported in 5.4
 - For stable/13 users, you can use either 54 or 510 but I suggest you
use 510 and only switch back to 54 if you have some problems.

 For the gpu firmwares it's now in multiple packages.
 Each GPU brand is in it's own flavored ports.
 This means that you can install only the firmware that you need on one
machine and avoid installing 200MB+ of useless things.
 None of the new drm ports depend on gpu-firmware-kmod ports for this
reason but the drm-kmod metaport does so if you don't know what
firmware you should have (if any) just do this.

 Let me know if there is any problems that I overlook with this approch.


Emmanuel Vadot <> <>