[Bug 233324] x11/libX11: Remove unnecessary perl5 dependency

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Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2021 09:03:52 +0000

--- Comment #20 from Michael Gmelin <grembo_at_FreeBSD.org> ---
(In reply to Kevin Bowling from comment #13)
(In reply to Kevin Bowling from comment #13)

I think you misunderstood what I wrote.

> (In reply to Michael Gmelin from comment #12)
> The port as it stands will never run 'make check', a specific bsd.port.mk
> feature would be needed to hit a target like that and it is not present.  

What I meant is: One could add an OPTION to the port that runs "make check" as
part of the build process and then add perl as a dependency (hypothetical,
future development, wouldn't need changes to bsd.port.mk. But no need to depend
on perl unconditionally right now, so it could be removed).

> Again, jbeich clearly documented the lack of use so the only issues are imagined and not factual.

That's exactly what I said and confirmed - I spent the time to double-check if
it's still true (including running "make check" in SRCDIR), as Jan's comment
was from a year ago. So we both agree that perl is not required in the build
process. I think the dependency should be removed, like you do.


Calling a maintainer timeout when the maintainer said "no" is a problem, even
if the PR is old and seems obvious.

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