[Bug 246767] graphics/mesa-libs: enable libglvnd support

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Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2021 14:56:26 +0000

--- Comment #25 from marek <man130117_at_outlook.com> ---
(In reply to:
  comment 20 (Greg V) : "...uninstall the mesa-libs package first...",
  comment 21 (Adriaan de Groot) : "...uninstall previous relevant things...",
  comment 22 (Jan Beich) : "...all direct consumers of mesa-libs must be

Thank you all for the advice.

Usually I "pkg delete" problematic package without reporting a problem and
waiting for an advice. However, in case of mesa-libs, this requires rebuilding
(roughly) half of my system and it's hard to believe that I have to do it just
for a new, fancy library (while the old one is quite good)? Is it really the
only way?

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