[Bug 263900] Bluetooth dysfunction with TP-Link UB500

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2022 18:41:11 UTC

--- Comment #1 from xyesbee@protonmail.com ---
I dug up a little bit and found out /etc/rc.d/bluetooth uses ngctl (Netgraph
API) to configure the Bluetooth stack for a certain device. So I ran through
man pages and decided what was most appropriate and ran "ngctl ls" whose
results are the following if they help debugging the issue.

There are 8 total nodes:
  Name: ubt0            Type: ubt             ID: 00000001   Num hooks: 1
  Name: ubt0hci         Type: hci             ID: 00000022   Num hooks: 3
  Name: btsock_hci_raw  Type: btsock_hci_raw  ID: 00000002   Num hooks: 1
  Name: btsock_l2c_raw  Type: btsock_l2c_raw  ID: 00000003   Num hooks: 1
  Name: btsock_l2c      Type: btsock_l2c      ID: 00000004   Num hooks: 1
  Name: btsock_sco      Type: btsock_sco      ID: 00000005   Num hooks: 0
  Name: ubt0l2cap       Type: l2cap           ID: 00000026   Num hooks: 3
  Name: ngctl8974       Type: socket          ID: 0000002c   Num hooks: 0

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