[Bug 263707] iwlwifi crashed and would not recover after network fail-over

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Tue, 03 May 2022 23:52:03 UTC

--- Comment #4 from rkoberman@gmail.com ---
A this point I am unsure whether to open a new ticket or change the subject on
this one.

My initial idea of the cause (and hte subject) was wrong. The fail-over
triggered the problem, but otherwise had nothing to do with it. The real
problem was the driver crashing when I enabled IPv6 with a static address on
the interface.

Once I removed the static address, ran rtsold and set the interface to
accept_rtadv, it came up correctly and I had IPv6 connectivity to the FreeBSD
package build systems web pages to access build reports. (Other things, too,
but that and google are the only ones I tested.)

I have no idea why a static address would cause the iwlwifi driver to crash,
but it did... repeatedly. I will admit that i may have had a configuration
error from editing rc.conf to switch from an HE tunnel to native access but I
still don't see why that would cause the driver to fail. I will probably try
going back to a static address in a while, but I need the system stable for

As I already have the logs of the crashes in this ticket, I tempted to keep it
with a new subject, but that might create confusion.

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