Unable to have network reliably start at boot time

From: Kevin Oberman <rkoberman_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2022 17:31:13 UTC
I have tried loading if_iwlwifi at boot by both /boot/loader.conf and
/etc/rc.conf. In the /boot/loader case, the firmware fails to load with the
message "File size way too small!" for all available versions of microcode
including "wlwifi-cc-a0-68.ucode" which should be used for my AX200. For
/etc/rc.conf, there appears to be a race condition where the network tries
to start before the microcode load has completed.

If I boot to single-user mode, I can kldload if_iwlwifi and then exit and
the interface comes up and wlan0 associates properly.

Both issues appear to be rces of some sort.
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