Re: How would I make a driver?

From: Páli Gábor <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2022 08:52:26 UTC
Le sam. 15 janv. 2022 à 07:05, Yusuf Khan <> a écrit :
> Would it use much ram(less than 80ish MB) and why doesnt it use mkroot?

I tried to explore many different distributions and solutions for
building the virtual machine image, and that is the best I could come
up with so far.  For the moment, the focus is on ease of management so
that the contents of the image could be easily changed, have new
drivers added etc and be connected with an active upstream for e.g.
security fixes.  But I am trying to keep wifibox and the virtual image
it uses separate and make it possible to replace the latter with
something else.  Some of the current assumptions, kind of a "hidden
interface" is already somewhat documented at the wifibox-guest(5)
manual page, which points to wifibox-alpine(5) for now if you install
the net/wifibox port.  I welcome ideas on other kinds of virtual
images or ways to build them, and proposals about the better
host-guest interface.

> Also does it run on other BSD hosts, and should I open a github issue?

I have only tested it on FreeBSD, but in theory it should be able to
run anywhere else BHyVe is available.  Do you have any specific BSDs
in mind?  Yes, a GitHub issue can always be a good idea to capture
such interests and the status of the related efforts.