arp error message

From: Takashi Inoue <>
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2022 19:16:53 UTC
Hi all,

I want to ask a favor to you.
It may not concern wireless network directly. I'm sorry for this.
I am using 13-STABLE ISO at 13th Jan.

I get the following message in dmesg many many times repeatedly, lets 
say, every one second.

arp: packet with invalid ethernet address length 0 received on wlan0

According to a Google search, the reason of this may be in my network 
But, I cannot change it. So, I want to stop the message by re-compiling 

I am going to modify /src/sys/netinet/if_ether.c around line 730.
I am thinking just comment out the ARP_LOG function lines, like
	if (hlen != 0 && hlen != ar->ar_hln) {
#		    "packet with invalid %s address length %d received on %s\n",
#		    layer, ar->ar_hln, if_name(ifp));

Do I have better to cut(comment out) the whole the if(){} part?
Or, do you have a any better solution to suppress or reduce the message?
Please give me some advice.

T. Inoue