Re: 8265 / 9560 problems + 7260 + AX200

From: Bjoern A. Zeeb <>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2022 18:12:18 UTC
On Mon, 11 Apr 2022, Chris wrote:

> I can confirm this also happens with a 7260 on 13.1-RC2. I can NOT
> get it to work on warm or cold boot. I use devmatch_blacklist="if_iwm.ko"
> However. After login, if I send a
> service netif restart
> everything works as intended. I know this is a 7260 and not 8265 / 9560.
> But thought it still might be useful to know.

Thanks Chris.   I thought that something with all the pre-22000 cards is
likely not flying well, until I got a firmware crash on AX200 last
night.   Sadly dumping after the follow-up panic did not work so I was
left if the last bits of console lines I could recover.

I have a lot more trouble to reproduce this now so I might send out a
script and instructions for you all (with the problem) to run and
gather data to help me.  I'll let you know once I am confident that
it'll collect all I hope to need.


Bjoern A. Zeeb                                                     r15:7