[iwlwifi] Compile error by 'linux/iopoll.h'

From: Takashi Inoue via freebsd-wireless <freebsd-wireless_at_FreeBSD.org>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2021 16:54:04 +0900
Hi All,

Today, I  tried to test the iwlwifi driver at 
but I could not rebuild a kernel as follows.

In file included from /usr/src/sys/dev/rtw88/main.c:11:
/usr/src/sys/dev/rtw88/main.h:14:10: fatal error: 'linux/iopoll.h' file 
not found
#include <linux/iopoll.h>
1 error generated.
*** Error code 1

My system source is 13.0-STABLE snapshot at 2021-Oct-14.
I used MYKERNEL which is a copy of GENERIC.

How can I overcome this?  Please help me.

Takashi Inoue
Received on Fri Oct 29 2021 - 07:54:04 UTC

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