Re: iwlwifi (AX210)

From: Bjoern A. Zeeb <>
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2021 10:20:37 +0000
On 24 Oct 2021, at 7:43, Kyle Evans wrote:


> I've got an AX210 chip in a Framework laptop that I've (hackily)
> gotten working with iwlwifi tonight...

I’ve got some good news for you; I got mine working on Friday as the 
wiki page
change tells you:

There are two blockers left so that I can get at least everything but 
driver code into main.  Hope this will be happening during this week and 
that AX210 will hopefully also work better for you.  Glad you found a 
for yourself in the meantime (though I don’t fully understand why that 
freak the firmware out either, given it should in theory from what I 
the real issue being now).

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