Regarding iwlwifi(4)

From: Daniel Ebdrup Jensen <>
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2021 22:38:23 UTC
Hi folks,

      I'm not really sure whether this is related to the manual page
      itself or the driver, so bear with me please.

      Reading the manual page, it's not immediately clear what devices
      are supported without going not just to the source but seemingly
      outside of the tree completely - so maybe it'd be a good idea to
      list the devices; going by src/sys/modules/iwlwifi/ it's a pretty
      good collection and I'm sure a lot of people would like an easy way
      to know whether theirs are supported or not.

      Another thing I noted is that there's it's a bit ambiguous whether
      iwlwifi(4) is supposed to replace iwm(4) and perhaps others - but
      from the blobs in the before-mentioned folder, I'm assuming that
      that is the intention. If it is, then there should probably be some
      sort of documentation on how this is to be achieved; I'd assume
      it's done via hints, but having to figure out how from first
      principles isn't the easiest (I know I'd struggle, although I might
      eventually succeed).

      If the only impediment is ENOTIME, I'd be happy to work on making
      the mdoc changes, provided I can have a enlightenment in how to
      figure out:
      1) Exactly which devices are supported
      2) The steps to ensuring that iwlwifi(4) gets used over iwm(4) and others.

Yours appreciatively,
Daniel Ebdrup Jensen