Re: bhyve without UEFI questions

From: Peter Grehan <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2024 00:24:15 UTC
Hi Chuck,

> I'm getting conflicting information and thought I'd ask here about
> guest disk images without UEFI.
> 1. If bhyve can boot the image with uefi-csm, should I be able to get
> a graphical console? I tried:
>     -s 6:0,fbuf,tcp=,vga=io
> VNC connects, but the screen is blank. I saw some mentions of vga=on,
> but that generates an error message.

  The BIOS emulation in the EFI CSM code only implements a small subset 
of VGA calls - it may be possible that the bootloader for your guest 
goes outside of that.

> 2. Instead of using uefi-csm, can bhyve boot SeaBIOS? I've tried -l
> bootrom,/tmp/seabios/out/bios.bin but I'm not sure that is working.

  I have heard of some work on SeaBIOS, but afaik those efforts never 
quite got it to work. It wants to see h/w that looks like what Qemu