Actual status of Docker (ready for production?)

From: <>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2023 08:13:22 UTC
​I'm trying to understand an actual status of Docker / podman to check if I can pick FreeBSD as a platform for the application servers running pre-packaged apps inside Docker.
​I've tried to google things, but I'm getting controversial information here:
​- wiki ( says things doesn't actually works since around 2019-2022
​- ports seems to contain Docker ( and it seems to be regularly updated
​- there doesn't seem to be any discussion in this maillist lately, which makes me thing it's either dead or very much alive =)
​Any real-life Docker usage feedback would be much appreciated!
​I'm considering production servers, would love to make it on FreeBSD as opposed to Linux, but if it will be crashing / throwing errors and/or won't just work out of the box, like it does on (Debian/Ubuntu) Linux, I will be in trouble.
​Thanks in advance!
With best regards,
​Alex Potemkin.