[Bug 267769] Bhyve core dump on suspend/resume of virtio-scsi device

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 21:25:36 UTC

--- Comment #2 from dan@sunsaturn.com ---
Well according to a lot of internet posts , virtio-scsi was designed to replace
virtio-blk. It is very convenient to pass in 10 devices to a guest with a 1
liner to bhyve with a cam ioctl device. 

Also FreeBSD cannot fix vfs.zfs.vol.recursive because of the recursive dead
lock issues, so only way currently to mount a ZFS guest to a host is using
iscsi /dev/da* devices.

While we can keep using virtio-blk devices the issue arises on new install of
guests such as linux guests for example where creating virtio-blk devices
creates devices such as /dev/vda*. When passing virtio-scsi, the devices are
/dev/sda*, so this complicates issues greatly.

While FreeBSD guests do not suffer issues of being able to label GPT partitions
in /etc/fstab, Linux guests hardcode all their GPT labels to physical disks
like /dev/vda* which would make them unbootable switching from virtio-blk to
virtio-scsi down the road.

So I am not sure what is best course of action here, install all guests as
virtio-scsi in preparation of suspend/resume functionality, or go with
virtio-blk and have to reinstall all the guests at some point.


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