Re: trying to attach another disk to openbsd72 bhyve guest

From: Peter Grehan <>
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2022 11:04:34 UTC
> Managed to "fix" it :D - the tl;dr version is "select GPT and not MBR"
> because if GPT isn't selected, an msdos efi partition isn't created and
> that's why my previous attempts (apart from the vm where I made a msdos
> partition manually before installation) failed.
> This part in the initial installation process:
> # Use (W)hole disk MBR, whole disk (G)PT or (E)dit? [whole] G
> # An EFI/GPT disk may not boot. Proceed? [no] <<<== this bit
> Is GPT "inferred" by BHYVE_UEFI.fd?

  No - the standard allows both GPT and MBR, and the EDK-based bhyve 
UEFI will handle that (as I think you saw when you manually created the 
FAT system partition).

  However, GPT is really the preferred partitioning scheme for EFI, and 
it's not surprising that OpenBSD isn't creating the system partition 
when MBR is selected.