Looking for a developer that help us improving bhyve adding the "line interrupts support for passed through devices"

From: Mario Marietto <marietto2008_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2022 17:04:21 UTC

After one month of research we have found the technical reasons why a
modern nvidia gpu if passed through inside a windows 10 / 11 vm produces
the error 43 (actually the error 12 after having added some new features).
It happens because it misses "line interrupts support for passed through
devices" ; actually there is the need of a massive change inside the bhyve
source code. This change may not be a priority for you,all developers. I'm
collaborating with one hypervisor developer and a qemu/kvm/haxm advanced
developer and they say that it's hard to implement the necessary changes if
they worked on this alone. So,I would like to know if someone of you has
the skills and the will to collaborate with us or if you know someone that
can collaborate. To achieve the goal will be a very step forward for bhyve
and for all the BSD community. We have an external,affiliated github and
all the changes we made go inside it first of all and only later,maybe much
later,some of them will go inside the official bhyve source code. But we
want to have this experimental feature in a reasonable amount of time,not
in many many years.i There is a partial INTx support missing in bhyve and
it is an important feature already implemented in qemu a lot of time ago.
Bhyve can't miss it. Passing thru an AMD and an NVIDIA modern GPU card
inside a Windows VM will expand the number of tasks that can be done in
FreeBSD using Windows as an intermediate medium.