How to use a gop or vbios rom for my Intel gpu card model Intel UHD 630

From: Mario Marietto <>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2022 22:26:45 UTC
Hello FreeBSD Virtualization team,

I'm trying to boot my intel gpu model UHD 630 adding a GOP driver or a
VBIOS rom directly between the bhyve parameters like this :

-s 7:0,passthru,0/2/0,rom=UHD-Graphics-630-vbios.rom
because I've read that it can be done,according with your documentation :

Anyway,I'm not able to find the proper rom file. I went on the nvidia forum
and I've been helped by an nvidia developer that explained to me how the
generic situation for this user case is. He is not a bhyve developer,so the
information that he gave to me isn't enough for me to understand what I
should do. You can read our discussion here :

We haven't reached a conclusion yet,so I would like to have some
clarifications from you. He says that there is no gop/vbios ROM that I can
use,but If I don't use it my gpu won't work as you can see reading the
thread above. Please help me. Thanks. Regards.