Re: Bhyve CD-ROM

From: Bakul Shah <>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2021 22:39:34 UTC
On Nov 30, 2021, at 2:14 PM, Sysadmin Lists <> wrote:
> Yeah, all you cool kids are running 13.0-* already while I'm waiting for 12.3-RELEASE to get out of beta. :P
> I have to decide if fixing Bhyve by jumping to 13.0-RELEASE is worth the time required to fix whatever else breaks from the upgrade.

This "cool kid" is perhaps older than you:-)

I did jump to 13.0-RELEASE as soon as possible! In my experience
the best time to upgrade is when everyone else is also facing the
same issues (or do so a little later) so that any problems you run
into, you can get help or hints on at least what else to try. The
longer you wait, the harder it gets. A lot of breakage gets fixed
right away but some "breakage" is due to some design change and
then the user has to do things slightly differently to deal with
it. This latter pain is not going to go away and a few months
later people are going to forget what they did.

You do need to make sure you can revert to the old version if
things you care about are not fixed soon enough. I think a better
setup is to keep user directories on a separate partition but
everything else (except var) on the same partition and use zfs
snapshotting to be able to easily revert.