RE: Bhyve CD-ROM

From: Corvin Köhne <>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2021 06:25:50 UTC
Does your system boot without the ISO file?
In order to boot Debian you have to move your bootloader:

This is not a Debian bug, but rather bhyve’s EFI support being incomplete. The easiest way around this is to copy the Debian binary into the standard location immediately after installation. In other words:

# cd /boot/efi/EFI
# mkdir BOOT
# cp debian/grubx64.efi BOOT/bootx64.efi

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Indeed it has. I'll go with passing a new virtual disk with the CD contents on it, and keep the working ISO for future installations. Thanks.

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> So,the time to try my ideas has come. You can try to remove the first
> sector of the iso image,so that it won't boot or you can pass through a
> virtual or a physical disk or you can create a new iso file from scratch,
> with your files inside...there are a lot of possibilities...

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