[Bug 256422] bhyve and Centos/Rocky 8.4 no boot after install

From: <bugzilla-noreply_at_freebsd.org>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2021 00:49:23 UTC

--- Comment #9 from Chuck Tuffli <chuck@FreeBSD.org> ---
To document this a bit more, the error in pci_nvme.c is:
nvme doorbell 1, SQ, val 0x1
nvme_handle_io qid 1 head 0 tail 1 cmdlist 0x8c1885000
pci_nvme_io_done error 14 Bad address
pci_nvme_set_completion sqid 1 cqid 1 cid 116 status: 0x0 0x4
pci_nvme_set_completion: CQ1 interrupt disabled
nvme doorbell 1, CQ, val 0x1

blockif_write() asynchronously returns EFAULT (a.k.a. "Bad address"). Adding
some debugging to pci_nvme_io_done() shows the following:

Fault on SQ[1] opc=0x2 cid=0x74 bytes=2097152
[  0] 0x8c097a018 : 2097128
[  1] 0x0 : 24

The debug statement displays the contents of the pci_nvme_ioreq structure for
the failing IO, including valid iovec entries. This is from an I/O Submission
Queue (i.e. queue ID != 0) for a Read (opcode 0x2) of 2097152 bytes.

My suspicion is the second iovec with the NULL iov_base value causes the

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