Re: USBDMSC emulated device does not work on FreeBSD

From: Hans Petter Selasky <>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 10:54:24 UTC
On 11/12/21 09:59, Milan Obuch wrote:
> Hi,
> recently I got PolarFire SoC FPGA based board I am working on FreeBSD
> support for. As a non volatile storage, it has eNVM used for HSS and
> eMMC as disk device.
> After reset, first thing run is HSS, which loads U-Boot from eMMC and
> usual boot process continues. It is possible, however, break the
> process and issue 'usbdmsc' command on HSS prompt. eMMC is then
> presented as USB disk.
> This works on Windows, and one or more (depends on partition table used
> on eMMC) disk drives are presented to system. It is possible to use
> balenaEtcher software to put some image there and do something with it.
> This does not work on FreeBSD. I see device being attached after
> starting 'usbdmsc' command, but no USB drive is being created. Could
> someone help me to diagnose this? Which command output (maybe
> 'usbconfig <something>') could offer some hint?
> Regards,
> Milan


Can you share what is printed in dmesg?

This command may also be useful. It will show which kernel drivers are 
attached to your device.

usbconfig show_ifdrv