Re: eGalax USB touchscreen issues

From: Mark Kane <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2021 23:59:02 UTC
On 2021-08-17 05:33, Vladimir Kondratyev wrote:
> You need resolution quirk in libinput quirks
> Try to create /usr/local/share/libinput/90-egalax.quirks file with
> following content:
> [eGalax]
> MatchUdevType=tablet
> MatchVendor=0x0EEF
> MatchProduct=0x0001
> AttrResolutionHint=26x43

Success! I tested 6 pre-2014 screens with this plus patches and the 
setrdesc.c workaround, they are all working now. Thanks very much again 
for all of your help!

Side note: the 2014+ screens work well with no calibration however the 
pre-2014 screens do need calibrating. I got xlibinput_calibrator [1] 
mostly working and will look at porting it if I can figure out an issue 
with it crashing, unless there are any other recommended interactive 
calibration tools for libinput.