Some issues related to the port of Raspberry Pi.

From: ykla <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2023 16:23:00 UTC

However, strangely, when I replaced the rpi4-firmware in the ports
with the latest version from the official Raspberry Pi source and
copied it to a USB drive, the system started to loop with the
following code.


Net: eth0:ethernet@7d580000
PCIe BRCM: link up, 5.0 Gbps x1  (SSC)
starting USB……
Bus xhci_pci:Reglster 58000420 NbrPorts 5
Starting the contorller
scanning bug xhci_pci for devices... Unexpected XHCI event TRB, Skipping
6a0 000000004 01000000 01008401)

The original author seems to have abandoned the project, so I forked a
copy from the ports archive. You can find it here: and

I don't understand programming very well. Can someone help me with this problem?

Additionally, the author of raspberrypi-userland (who is the same
person as the firmware's port author) has also deleted the project.
There is currently no upstream for this project

The current Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB version has issues with booting. The
current u-boot booting process gets stuck at the rainbow screen.see

If someone could provide assistance, I would be very grateful.

 I'm not sure if the upstream has made any fixes for this issue.