[Bug 268068] sysutils/u-boot-rock-pi-4 - support for rock-pi-4se?

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Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2023 08:37:26 UTC

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--- Comment #16 from Joerg Wunsch <joerg@FreeBSD.org> ---
Just to add here, I'm using SleepWalker's privately patched u-boot port, both
on a RockPi 4A as well as on a RockPi 4SE. I started using it because I needed
SPI flash support (to be able to boot from NVMe SSD). The very same u-boot also
booted the 4SE without problems.

I'm going to work together with him to see what needs to be done to update the
official FreeBSD u-boot port for these devices. Besides SPI flash support (and
obviously, solving any issue with the 4SE), it also adds support to boot from
an USB stick.

Regarding the documentation, I'm not sure whether there is even a single person
who fully understands all that. :-) I have been doing u-boot stuff at a
previous job (including adding things like failover capabilities and so), so
maybe I can dig again a bit into it, and remember enough to describe that.
However, so far I have yet to find someone (beyond maybe Linus Torvalds) who
fully grasped that device tree stuff. Everyone I met so far operates on a
copy&paste level there. :-/

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